8/18/04 - freeSOMETHING.com
This link here explains the 2 links below.


8/17/04 - PatB

Wanna do me a BIGGGG favor? Go here and sign up to get notified
on the right side of the screen. Help get PatB on DVD!

I'm working on a nice big fat update for the books section soon, so stay

8/12/04 - Gah!
I hate my stupid project! I should've dumped it and chose another one
years ago. GAH!

8/5/04 - Doom 3

7/27/04 -
I've updated my books section. I made a cool new table of contents! And
also added one book and a small update to Issac Asimov.

7/23/04 -
You know what would've been neat? If people had developed muscles in
their ears so they could shut their ear canals.

7/15/04 -
I went to workout yesterday morning. It's pretty much the first time
I've gone to lift weights since last feburary when I stopped. This
morning was NOT pretty. I pretty much laid in bed in agony because
I was so sore.

7/14/04 -
Why the fuck are people so childish? People in their fucking 40's
who you would THINK would be more fucking mature! ARG

On a positive note, I had an unusually productive day today. I'm
feeling pretty damn good about that.

7/13/04 -
What the hell is it with people that instantly blame someone else
everytime something goes wrong? Or instantly assume malicious
intent everytime something bad happens to them? What the fuck
is wrong with these people?

hmm, I don't like tripod's blog builder thing. It screws everything
up. I gotta find something else to use. Maybe I won't even bother,
it's not like there's any need to spice up this webpage.

7/12/04 -
Back. It was ok. I'm really disappointed that I didn't get to
go fishing more.

I so don't feel like doing any work right now. I think I'll go home.

7/7/04 -
Going up to Sequoia/King's Canyon tomorrow. I will take lots of

6/26/04 -
Cool, I got a gmail account! Courtesy of Mindy who has a
very cool site at actuallycrazy.com.

6/21/04 -
You know what cartoons I REALLY REALLY miss and if they would
put them on DVD, I would probably buy or rent them?
- Pinky and the Brain
- Gargoyles
- Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys
- Exosquad

6/11/04 -
All done! This week of hell is finished! Off to Boston
tomorrow. Speaking of hell, what level are you going to?
Dante's Inferno.

6/9/04 -
Finally done with the stupid presentation. I think it went
really well. We definitely kicked the other group's asses.

This makes me sad

I threw up an "about" page on the sidebar to the left, because I
thought I should tell all my visitors about me.

6/6/04 -
Argg, work still sucks. I'm dying here. I have to finish a
written proposal and a presentation for a class and I have to
finish my poster for Boston, all this week. Argg.

I wanna see "Saved!" that new movie with Mandy Moore. It looks
hilarious! I just crack up everytime I see that preview where
Mandy Moore says "I am FILLED with Christ love!" and she throws
her bible at someone. And if the acting or whatever sucks, at
least I get to see lots of Mandy.

5/27/04 - Arggg, work sucks.

I think I'm going to work on my movie and book reviews sections. Adding more things and changing some of the reviews. I don't like the way I wrote some of them.

I've been giving SageTV 2 a whirl on my HTPC setup. I have to admit, I'm impressed. Am I impressed enough to fork over $80? Considering this is WAY better than any software I've seen so far... maybe.

5/23/04 - I'm having mixed feelings about the Angel Finale. It's sad in a way, because you know they won't survive. But I guess it's also not a bad way to go.

What's with the news using terms like "Rips," "Blasts" and "Row" lately? I don't like them. They don't sound like terms that should be used in News worthy news.

I need to spice up this page by changing the background. The flat gray just isn't cutting it. If you have any cool ideas, send it to me!

4/7/04 - Check it out!

Random thoughts:
HDTV is the most amazing thing EVER.
Scooby Doo 2 is crap compared to Scooby Doo 1.

I finished reading "The King of Torts" by John Grisham a few weeks ago. Starts out ok, but by the end it gets a bit too... preachy. Dunno if that's the right word.

Also, I finished reading "Halo: First Strike." The story is based on the Halo video game and takes place after the end of the first game. "A book based on a VIDEO GAME?" you say. Yes, and it's actually really good! Lots of action and stuff. Recommended.

Also went skydiving again last weekend. Fun!

1/1/04 - Happy New Year! I started today with the intention of getting my ass outta bed and being productive. So I jumped out of bed and did my morning routine and headed to lab to do work that I've been putting off for weeks and weeks... You can probably tell how my day of productivity is really going, since right now I'm typing away on my laptop updating my webpage. :P

I think I'm going to start a poker section here. Whatdya think? Poker's been giving me extra spending money that, as an underpaid slave laborer, comes in handy. That TV I bought? Paid for with proceeds from poker. Maybe a few tips here and there for the newbies, and links to handy books and websites. I run the risk of educating the suckers, but this website isn't exactly drawing in thousands of hits, so I don't think it'll affect my win rate.

I've updated my Movies section and I'll get around to making (or stealing) a real guestbook one of these days... honest!

12/22/03 - I was wandering about the web the other day and what should I find? The sequel to OUT OF THIS WORLD! Holyyyyy crap, I loved that game. It was only released on Sega Genesis, so you need to find an emulator.

Oh yea, I bought myself a new TV a few days ago too. 27" HDTV-capable Samsung. Unfortunately I need a stupid HDTV tuner before I can get some HDTV-goodness, but I can wait.

12/5/03 - This is the FUCKING CRAP I have to deal with in lab. (I just pasted an AIM conversation detailing the event) (19:25:50) SC: why what happened?
(19:25:50) Flashbacck: we're both doing mito preps today
(19:25:58) Flashbacck: you know we have 2 centrifuges?
(19:26:01) SC: yea
(19:26:02) Flashbacck: the new and the crappy one
(19:26:06) Flashbacck: so I'm using the crappy one
(19:26:14) SC: come down and use ours
(19:26:17) Flashbacck: during one of the runs when I go to get my sample
(19:26:24) Flashbacck: I notice the new one has an error message on it
(19:26:34) Flashbacck: so I call *PERSON'S NAME* over and tell her
(19:26:45) Flashbacck: she takes her samples out and I continue doing my spins
(19:26:49) Flashbacck: later on, I'm at my bench
(19:27:00) Flashbacck: she says "hey ed, you're in charge of centrifuges, right?"
(19:27:03) Flashbacck: I say "yeah"
(19:27:24) Flashbacck: she says "so, you know earlier, you didn't seem very surprised that there was an error message on the new sorvall"
(19:27:34) Flashbacck: "was that why you wer using the old one?"
(19:27:45) Flashbacck: me: "uh, no. are you trying to say something *PERSON'S NAME*?"
(19:28:13) Flashbacck: her: "well, I was just wondering if you knew something was wrong with the centri. and didn't tell me"
(19:28:30) Flashbacck: me: "no, I was using the old one because someone else was using the new one earlier"
(19:28:36) Flashbacck: about 1 min later....
(19:29:10) Flashbacck: her: "by the way ed, it would've been nice if you'd ask if I wanted to finish my spins with you, then I wouldn't have had to go across the hall and use the gober labs"
(19:29:26) Flashbacck: me: "well, I don't even know what step of the mito prep you're on"
(19:29:32) Flashbacck: her: "the same step you are"
(19:29:38) Flashbacck: I don't bother replying

on the upside, vegas is today, so yea!

12/2/03 - Going Vegas this weekend! So the ripping of Jonc's guestbook may have to wait, as I'll be busy with Lab Stuff.

So I saw the Animatrix a few days ago. I don't know what the hell people are talking about, but that whole series of miniepisodes is just complete CRAP. It's so bad, that just the mere printing of an Animatrix DVD DEvaluates the plastic it's printed on. I bitch more about it in Movies.

My retarded laptop keeps shutting off if I leave it doing nothing for a few mins. Noooo, it's not the "Power Management" settings. I'm thinking of returning this stupid thing and just getting a new one. See, Best Buy extended warrenties ARE good for something...

11/25/03 - Almost done... I think I'm to steal Jonc's guestbook code because I hate the stupid ads that come with using guestbooks from other sites.

11/14/03 - This thing looks all weird because I'm working on making it look better...

4/24/03 - Dude. There's another Edward Hsieh out there! His website kicks mine in the ass. Website of Edward F. Hsieh

2/15/03 - Ugh. I don't think I can wait 2 more years until George W. Bush is out of office. even if B got shot in the head, had his brains splattered on the sidewalk, had his genitals removed with a spoon, was disemboweled with a chainsaw and his daughters, nieces, nephews and brothers sterilized so his genes would never be spread again; Dick would be in charge, and it's not like that is any better. Hmm.

On a completely unrelated note. Jennifer Garner is pretty, last week's Angel episode was awesome and I need to get a Tivo because I keep missing Buffy.

2/11/03 - Small updates and changes to Petty interest/complaints/etc. I've decided to change "Skills" to just "Skills I want," cause really, what skills do I have? No, actually it's because I thought it wouldn't be modest of me to write about what a badass I am. yeah... that's it...

1/17/03 - hmm, I was thinking of adding a "Skills I have. Skills I want." section. I think that would be neat. Che pensi? In other news, I did enjoy my trip to Vegas for New Years, that was pretty fun. Che cosa hai fatto per il capodanno?

12/21/02 - Stale donuts with sprinkles are the best! Yummy! Slightly updated Petty Interests and Complaints. Go looky.

11/4/02 - Ugh, 21 at last. Feeling the age in my bones... Pics from the night out. I feel I should note that I was not... in complete control of my faculties that night. In the books section, I still need finish the Harry Potter bit, and add Dune, A Waltz in the Darkness and Jerle Shannara: Morgawr...

9/10/02 - Minor updates to the site... Bastards who ran the quiz thing on my site shut down, so that's gone until I find another one. Saw Signs the other day, REALLY liked it. Updated the "Books I've read" section, finally.

5/27/02 - Saw Starwars Episode 2. Not too bad. I will update that damn book section soon, I've read so many more things and I wanna add that in... soon, yes soon...

5/17/02 - Finished midstreams. Not too shabby if I do say so myself...

5/2/02 - Sluggy Freelance is still the BEST comic EVER. Oh yeah, going kayaking! I'll stick pics up when I get em. Carry on.

11/7/01 - Skydiving Pics

10/28/01 - Went skydiving!!!

5/29/01 - I passed my orals! Which means I am now a PhD candidate!

1/23/00 - hmm Happy New Years and all that. uhhh, haven't updated in 7 months. whatever. To make things short, I'm in the biochem PhD program at UCLA.