I had my first skydiving trip on 10/28/01.  And here are some pics from my jump!

We jumped at 14500 ft, and went through free fall for 1 min, until we were at 4500 ft.  After that there was about 7 min of floating down to earth.

I also have a videotape of the jump and landing.  If I ever get a TV card, I'll upload it here.

FYI, I'm the guy in the middle.  The two other people are the jump instructors.

(note: some of the pictures got clipped when I scanned them)

Staring at the ground in fear/amazement/wonder. The sun is behind me so it's a little dark.

More Ground Staring.

Ah, a little look up, some waving.

btw: The thumbs down means "arch your back!

Still more Ground Staring.

Nicer angle here.

The two fingers means "straighten your legs!

Nice pic showing the ground.

This is from early in the jump after I lost a jump master.

That's the second jump master on the far left.; You can kinda see her helmet.

I like this one because the sky is a pretty color.

My favorite pic from the bunch.