Movies I like and movies I don't

Favorite Movies:
"The Emperor's New Groove" -
This movie is hilarious! It's got a great voice cast and a GREAT story. Way better than Shrek.
The Matrix -
Very cool. Watch it.
The Princess Bride -
This movie kicks butt.
The Wallace and Gromit movies -
They also kick butt.
Groundhog Day -
The Usual Suspects -
American Beauty -
Kevin Spacey is cool.
Pirates of the Carribean -
Probably my favorite movie of 2003. The scene with Johnny Depp sailing in on his "boat?" Hilarious!
Crimson River -
This is an old (2001?) foreign movie. But I thought it was pretty good. Basically about a series of murders in a mountain town somewhere in europe, and these two detectives who meet and investigate the case together.

It's got a good story and some scenes which are shot very well. Worth watching if you can't decide what movie to rent. If I recall correctly, it's in french and subtitled in english.

Ok Movies:
Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions -
After the awesomeness that was The Matrix, of course one's expectations of the second and third movie would be high. So did these two movies meet my expectations? Well...

The story in both these two movies is under developed in both these movies. Too many loose ends and plotlines that are explained. For example, what the hell is the deal with the french guy? Is he in there just to have a french guy in the movie?

I think the CG scenes in the second movie were WAY overdone. Sure, you get some cool fighting and stunt moves, but if it's OBVIOUSLY fake, then it doesn't have that same "WOW" effect as a real actor.

The ending of the third movie also leaves much to be desired. They don't really explain what happened to Neo and how the "peace" obtained solves anything. What about the humans still plugged in as batteries? Why would the machines ever give that up? Anywho, I guess these two are worth watching just to see the whole series, but don't have high expectations!

Boogie Nights -
This was an interesting movie. Basically about a bunch of people in the porn industry in the late 70's and early 80's. It's got some interesting moments. Heather Graham whipping off her clothes caught me off guard, but I didn't complain. The last 45 minutes were the weirdest, though. It's basically what happened to all the people after they stopped making pornos, and it's just... weird. There's no central plot during that time, it seems like a bunch of random scenes lumped together. At the end of the movie I didn't feel the "That was GREAT!" feeling, but I also didn't feel like it was a complete waste of my time (maybe this was due to the Heather Graham scene, I dunno).

Bad Movies:
"The Animatrix" -
This dvd is just utter CRAP. After constantly hearing about how the Animatrix was just so "great" and how it "explained SO many things in the second movie," I finally borrowed the DVD and took a look. LIES! Ok, so it explains where that whiny kid in Matrix 2 & 3 comes from. BIG DEAL. That kid had absolutely no significance to the main story line, they could've photoshop'd his ass out of the picture and no one would give a damn!

And "Flight of the Osiris?" Ok, so the CG stuff DID look cool, but again it's a pointless story. No ground breaking revelations about Matrix 2 were made. The only value here is watching a hot CG babe get her clothes sliced off.

The rest of The Animatrix? Trust me, POINTLESS stories about the Matrix. Holes in the Matrix, Humans brainwashing robots, people trying to escape the matrix, it'd all be cool if they somehow connected to a bigger story. But as it is, these stories are just boring.

VERDICT - Printing this movie on a DVD devaluates the plastic it's printed on.