You know what the most frustrating part of playing poker is? It's listening to people, who have no idea about how to play poker, try to explain what the "right" way to play poker is. Amateurs and dilettantes.
I hate shoulder flinching. You know when you're walking down a hallway and some dude (usually someone larger) is approaching in the opposite direction, and there's just not enough room for the both of you two pass comfortably? A should flinch is when you involuntarily step aside or twist aside for that other person. What annoys me about the flinch is that often the other person makes no similar effort to step aside for you. It's like they expect YOU to step aside for THEM. That pisses me off. Yet I still flinch involuntarily. I think this'll be my next project, to stop myself from flinching. From now on I'll just ram everyone with my shoulder.

May was also the best month of poker I've ever had. It's weird how fortunes can change so quickly.

4/11/05 - verizon
I hate verizon. I hate verizon. I hate verizon. I hate verizon. I hate verizon. I hate verizon. I hate verizon. I hate verizon. I hate verizon. I hate verizon. I hate verizon. I hate verizon. Except for Sherry and Sharees. They were actually helpful.
3/25/05 - bleh
I am having the worst month of poker ever. I've had downswings before. That's the nature of the game. I know this consciously, but it's incredibly frustrating when it's actually happening. I try to take the positive spin on this, though. In a way this is exercising my ability to be emotionally detached. A critical ability, not just in poker, but in life.

*sigh* Maybe I should be glad that there are severe downswings. Without them, there would be no good players going on tilt, thus causing them to play poorly. And there would be no bad players winning gobs of (my) money on incredible streaks of luck, thus causing them to come back and lose even more (of my) money.

3/15/05 - She has a name
That Pepsi Girl was on Kevin and Bean this morning. And her name is Mandy Amano. She's so pretty.

There's an mp3 of the interview over at thatpepsigirl.blogspot.com.

3/7/05 -
It really bothers me that I can't concentrate as much as I used to. I get really distracted easily, find excuses not to do work and am a lazyass in general. I'm afraid I might have something like ADHD. If I do have ADHD, at least I can be comforted that somewhere between 1.5 to 14 million people have it too! (Who the hells comes up with these numbers?)

This isn't related, but it also bothers me that much of my knowledge about medieval history comes from playing Medieval: Total War. Island of Rhode? Oh yeah, Knights Hospitaller who've been trained there will kick your ass!

2/28/05 -
I hate the people that live above us. I'm not sure if that's fair, but I do. I mean, it's not really their fault if we have crappy insulation between our two apartments, is it? On the other hand who plays hacky sack or soccer at f$%#'n 12am? WHO!? Screw fairness, I hate them.

I love this article on fool.com. And this one too. Not sure why. Maybe because I feel it confirms my believe about how stupid people are and justifies my inflated ego...

2/16/05 - yer all shrinking!
Every so often I run into someone that I haven't seen for many years. I think it's weird that this happens at all. I mean, what're the chances? Small world, I guess. But, one thing I've noticed about all of these encounters, is that everyone is shorter than I remember. Even the people who are much taller than me seem short. I certainly haven't grown, and my memory is always flawless. So the only plausible explanation is that you're all shrinking!
1/27/05 - a better one
I thought of a better example:

"Yeah, my birthday was last week. My grad school classmates took me out, but we couldn't go out bar hoping because I don't have my fake id yet."

I think it's the subtle bragging that annoys me. Jeez, if you're going to brag, just go all out.

1/12/05 - I don't get it
It annoys me when people talk to me, not because they want to actually talk to me, but rather because they want to brag about themselves in the guise of wanting to talk to me.

For example:
"Yeah, my birthday was last week. My grad school classmates took me out, but we couldn't go out bar hoping... ya know, because I'm only 18"

All you dumbasses, just stfu.

1/5/05 - This is getting annoying
Updating this webpage by manually editing it with notepad is getting annoying. I need to setup some type of form or something.

I've been on this weird investing craze lately. After finishing One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch, I read Buffet: The Making of an American Capitalist and Investment Madness. The authors escape me at this very moment. The Buffett book is good. Buffett is an amazing amazing man. His first 10 years of investing he returns 1200% compared to the Dow Jones index returning 120%. The Investment Madness book is average. It talks about different psychological habits people have with regards to investing (basically people are dumb). But I didn't really get anything really insightful from it (basically I already knew people are dumb).

12/16/04 -

This really is one of the best sites in the universe.

11/8/04 - I WANT AN XBOX

It seems like a waste to buy an Xbox just to play one game. But I WANT IT, I WANT IT, I WANT IT!

11/3/04 - I TOLD YOU SO
I'd like to quote something I wrote here on Sept. 30th:

Bush will win this election. I even predict he'll get the popular vote.

10/27/04 -
I saw Duran Duran on Leno the other day. Now, this is the first time I've actually seen Duran Duran, even though I'm sorta familiar with their songs. I never knew they were so... um... flamboyant.

I wonder if I can use style sheets with this new setup I have. That would be neat.

10/23/04 - I'm HTML-clueless
I'm in the process of reformatting this thing (e.g. Deciding what color scheme to use). I really am clueless when it comes to html. Pretty much everything I've learned is from looking at webpages I like and stealing their code.

I'm sure this would be much easier if I used actual webpage authoring software. Except I'm much too lazy to bother finding one and I'm apparently a glutton for punishing myself.

BTW, if someone could take a look at my source and tell me why I can't center my email address and the very bottom. Please Please tell me why. I can't figure that one out.

10/11/04 - tragedy
Did you ever have something that you swore you'd never ever EVER forget or maybe something you swore you'd never ever EVER change your feelings about? And then a few minutes/days/months/years pass, and all of a sudden you just don't give a damn? For instance, say you had a best friend in highschool, you swear you'll visit each other every so often after highschool. But then comes college, and the visiting thing never happens.

The not visiting or forgetting about your friend part of it isn't tragic. What's tragic is that you don't care. I don't mean that you had a fight or you got angry and the only reason you're not talking is because you're being stubborn and you're really thinking about this everyday. I mean, you genuinly just don't care. This person or whatever, just doesn't enter your mind. As far as you're concerned it doesn't exist. That's tragic.

And let's be honest, if this has happened to you, don't say "oh but I DO care, I've just been busyblahblahblah." Because if you did, it never would have happened in the first place!

It amazes me that the human mind can be like that. So deeply concerned about something in one moment. Few moments later, the matter doesn't even exist.

I just finished reading The Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi. He was a 17th century samurai who fought over sixty duels and never lost. His book is about strategy. Although it mainly focuses on martial arts strategy, I believe the concepts can be applied to anything in life. I'll write something about it later. Maybe. Maybe tomorrow I just won't give a damn.

Oiy, I really need to work on my group meeting now...

10/6/04 - Lost
I finally got around to watching "Lost" on ABC. They showed the first two episodes on Saturday in one big two hour block. Loved it. Loved it, Loved it, Loved it.

Lost happens to be on the same time as Smallville, which I've come to realize just sucks. The acting sucks, the story sucks, Clark is a retard. The only redeeming value is the incredibly pretty Kristen Kreuk. Incredibly Pretty™.

There doesn't really seem to be many good shows on TV this fall. Except for The Apprentice, which is just awesome. The only reality show that I really watch. For some reason they're delaying Alias and 24 until January as well. Maybe I shouldn't be looking forward to 24. That show can get pretty retarded sometimes.

Oh, wait. Scrubs is awesome too.

9/30/04 - Ugh
For some accursed reason, I have to teach this quarter. This really annoys me. I already get NOTHING done. Now that I TA, I'll be getting -work done. *sigh* I don't think I'll ever graduate.

It amuses me in a odd, sadistic way, that Bush will win this election. I even predict he'll get the popular vote.

9/15/04 - In Search of Stupidity
Dan from Dansdata.com has this short article about stupidity. I don't think he's really trying to make any points with his article. It's mostly just rambling. But it's interesting rambling. Here.

9/8/04 - Read and Register to vote
Whew, finally finished by update in the books section.

The founders of Hot or Not are trying to get people to vote this November. They're giving away $100,000 in a sweepstakes to try to get people to register, so go enter!